Gallery North Fine Art

Fiber Art

Baskets are woven with many natural fibers that are locally available: wood from black ash, cedar, willow, birchbark, sweetgrass, flat and round reeds, natural or dyed. Some have fabric, beads, stones, feathers, antlers, or leather interwoven or added as decoration.

Rugs are mostly woven from strips of recycled fabric or mill ends, including chenille, denim, cotton and polyester. The width of the rugs average between 25 and 27 inches, but custom sized rugs up to 45 inches wide are available. The length of each rug varies depending on the amount of fabric available. All rugs are machine washable and dryable unless noted. This type of rug is unique in coloring and availability but once in a while matching rugs are available. Prices vary depending on the length and width of the rug and the materials used.

Tatting is a form of lacework that consists of one knot, called double stitch, worked in groups over a single thread. This thread is pulled to draw stitches into curved formations called rings and chains, and these in turn are joined in larger groupings or motifs. This lace is usually worked with fine cotton thread, so it is delicate looking but very strong.

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