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Ethnic Arts


Norwegian rosemaling on wooden surfaces is painted with oil paints and protected with urethane or varnish. The designs are originals, and some designs have been reproduced on greeting cards. Contact the artist for more information and availability.

Ukranian Egg Decorating, also called Pysanky, has been done for more than 2000 years. These beautiful eggs are decorated using a process similar to batik. The legends behind these eggs are as colorful as the eggs. They are said to offer protection from evil and are exchanged as gestures of friendship.

Marbling is the art of floating paints on top of a thick solution, called size, manipulating the paints into patterns, then transferring the pattern to an object by gently placing the object on top of the paints.

Tole painting is a German folk art, originally done on tin but now done on other things as well. Flowers are a popular motif as are other country-type designs that might be described as folk art.

Celtic Knotwork is the drawing of interlaced patterns and stylized graphical representations of knots used for decoration.

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