Gallery North Fine Art


Monie Martin

Basketry, for Monie Martin, is ‘a transformation of natural materials into an art form of beauty and function.’ She says, ‘that which is produced should bring pleasure both to the artist and the viewer.’ Her baskets are made from many local materials such as black ash, cedar, birch bark, willow, sweet grass, and round and flat reeds, some natural and some dyed. She weaves fabrics into some of the baskets and decorates them with leather, beads, stones, and feathers, among other natural materials.

Monie has been weaving baskets for 25 years, teaching basketry for 15 years, and exhibits and sells baskets at art fairs, and at Gallery North in Bemidji. Monie is President of the Headwaters Basket Guild, and a member of Artists of Minnesota, and the National Basket Organization.

Monie is a retired teacher with a B.S. degree in Education, Art and Science from South Dakota State University, and has taken additional classes from the University of Minnesota.

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