Gallery North Fine Art


Linda Rother


This body of work is a result of living fully and creating from my passion for the horses I love. They reflect a spirit of place, the place I call home. The beings I have bonded with are animals – my horses. The planets’ light and smells and sounds have a texture of horses, earth and plants. These close up night photos are filled with texture; the fur and curve of my horse’s back in winter, the lighting at night with full moon and multiple flash firings My angles and unique relationship with my horses allows me to capture a horse in a way that is personal and intimate. I am an outdoor person, passionate about my images. Capturing the magic and mystery of the moonlit nights with deer, horses, cows, birds, and insects is my newly rediscovered passion.

Underneath the surface imagery, I contemplate life and death. What is real, solid; what is elusive and transcendent? By looking backwards I see the mystery of death in these images; ghostlike horses, floating semi-transparent in fields at night. Looking in my past, I see the influence o the deaths of several of my “soul mates” in this work.