Gallery North Fine Art


Gary Palmer

My love for artwork started as a child, I would draw or paint whenever I had the chance. When I was eight my brother-in-law Thomas Bates introduced me to wall murals. We would draw with pastel chalk and do pictures from the Bible on there living room walls. As a good artist himself, he told me I had a gift of God to be able to use different mediums. At the time I didn’t understand the terminology, but I had fun doing the art. I also took regular art classes in high school but never pursued any further training. When I was 25 years old I painted my first portrait with oils, the first of many pictures on canvas.

I have taught myself to woodburn using a woodburning kit, which I feel is light drawing with a pencil. I
have recently taken up the art of chainsaw carving; I like to make my art realistic vs. cartoonish. I like trying different mediums and enjoy artwork.