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Colleen Hilts

Having grown up in Longville, MN without local artists or art training in the high school, Colleen never realized she had any interest or talent. Later in life, she moved to Alaska and while attending an Anchorage Art Show, she was fascinated by a large wooden chain on display by the Anchorage Woodcarvers Club.

This led to classes taken through the Anchorage Wood Carvers involving local and nationally known carvers. Carving classes were in chip carving, wood spirits, whimsical houses (cotton wood bark) and relief carving. In addition, she found she had an interest in working with fabric and began taking quilting classes.

In 2004, they returned to Minnesota, specifically the Bemidji area, where she joined the local carving group and quilting guild. Carving classes have involved relief carving, gauge carving, whimsical houses and, more recently, moose antler carving which is done with power tools. Her work has included whimsical houses, fish, relief carving, small animals, old country Santas and her favorite, relief carving flowers.

Her interest in working with fabric has offered her many options including large quilts, wall hangings, table toppers, place mats, baby quilts and applique cut out sweat shirts. She has been doing wall hangings with a combination of water color paint and quilting to make original design pictures. She uses different fabrics, yarns, paints and threads to create a variety of textures.

She has won awards at local county fairs and the Minnesota Art Association. She has sold wood and quilt creations in local galleries and other locations.

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