Gallery North Fine Art


Marie Hamre

My grandmother taught me to tat and I have been tatting for over 25 years. I started out with just the basics and have learned so much more. I really find tatting relaxing; I love to share, and really enjoy teaching others how to tat.

In 1997, I sat in on a Tatting Class through Bemidji Community Education. After the class we decided we would start a group of tatters and became the Northwoods Tatting Guild. As a member of the guild I have demonstrated at Art in the Park, Depot Days and at the Beltrami County Fair. I have helped with or lead many classes through the guild. I have demonstrated at Itasca Pioneer Farmers Weekend the last four years.

I have completed the first phase of the “Tatters Across Time” proficiency course and am currently working on the second of three phases. I have been a member of Gallery North since 2002. I took a year and a half off, but am once again an active member. As a member of Gallery North you get encouragement and a place to grow in your art interest.

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